June 11, 2015


Keep It Simple Stupid! That is what we have been trying to achieve with our website for some years now.

We want it crisp, clean and easy for people to find exactly what they are looking for and able to get in touch with us easily. Nothing like some late night website designing to fry your brain and make you want to throw your computer out the window BUT it was well worth the pain, we think we finally found the website for us. We hope you like it and please stay and check out our galleries and check us out on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @undiscoveredphotograpy or Twitter @undiscvdphoto.

We have lots of Glamor sessions to update the website with and we are super excited about it.

Summer specials to be announced as well.

We look forward to working with you in the future.

December 31, 2014

2014 Mosaic Year in Review

2014 Year in Review

Welcome to Undiscovered Photography’s 2014 in review! Featuring the Intense, Powerful, Beautiful and Epic Tarah-Rex Cosplay embodying 5000 images taken over the last year. There is of course duplication (to ensure as close to original image accuracy as possible) but we tried to include all of you (Cosplay, hallway, private, portrait, glamour)! Thank you for being our fans, friends and heroes! We can’t wait for what the future brings us in 2015!

This image is big enough that you could zoom in and try to find yourself! I know if you look deep into Morrigan’s eye you will side the Dark Side.

2014 Year in Review

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December 17, 2014

Beebichu Cosplay

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December 17, 2014

Gypsy Danger VS Kaiju

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December 8, 2014

Fem!Nightwing – Batarang Kisses

Fem!Nightwing Batarang Kisses
Fem!Nightwing Batarang Kisses

Fem!Nightwing Batarang Kisses

I don’t think there is much I need to say with this session, it was fantastic! Meet Sidney aka Batarang Kisses. Her mad sewing skills and attention to detail (not to mention my painted on ROCKING mask) makes this cosplay stand out from so many others I have seen. Sidney has Fem!Nightwing down to history, personality, “what would night wing do” and catch phrases.

Inspired Jessie made a call out for thugs and he was answered by Mike and Travis with fantastic Arkham City stylized thugs right down to the weapon and fisherman hat! With the thugs we were lucky enough to have Brandy and Heather there, some fantastic assistants, who helped with lighting and reflectors. As you will see they play a vital role in the look and feel of the whole scenario.

We didn’t have any crazy city scapes to shoot at but where better to find a thug then in Gotham’s dark alley’s. Jessie went for a comic book feel as each picture brings the story forward. From hiding in the shadows to Nightwing seriously to kicking ass (excuse my french).


Afterwards, it being a little bit chilly out, we took the whole crew back to our studio to have some hot tea where the thugs and Nightwing got to share in a special moment (Sidney’s favorite photo).

Fem!Nightwing Batarang Kisses

Fem!Nightwing Batarang Kisses

Sidney was then inspired by one of the thugs hair colour, that we did a few shots of a Male!Babs (we called him Bobby Gordon) and her interacting the way these characters usually do with Nightwing driving him NUTS! lol

Being in the studio I took our session to a whole different feel getting some fabulous geeky glamour going on with intensity and style! Batarang Kisses will be selling autographed prints of these photos as well so give her a live and just send her a message!

October 5, 2014

Edmonton Expo 2014


Our trip to Edmonton to be a part of the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo began on North Vancouver Island with ourselves and our 3 kids. Along the way we were joined by another photographer, Addy Davies of Edge Photography and the cosplayer, Spartan Longshot-x. We drove 1600 km over a day and a half to get to Edmonton and though we were all a bit exhausted the anticipation for the convention was building.

 Upon entry we were pleased to see the location was large, spacious, clean and well laid out. The only inconvenience was entrances were on opposite sides of the convention hall and could have been a bit clearer on who should use which door. Having scouted in advance we also found the exterior design had lots of versatile backdrops for photographers and cosplayers to collaborate in.

IMG_1205 IMG_1213 IMG_1217

 This being ECEE’s third year, and our first time attending it, we were excited that they almost doubled their attendance from 25,000 last year to 47,000 this year. The exhibitors hall and artist alley was impressively large with room to grow. There was an entire other area dedicated for photops with guests and autograph opportunities. VIPs had a dedicated room that allowed them to look out onto the convention hallway but also have space from the crowds. The Comic and Entertainment Expo franchise certainly puts a lot of thought into their lay out of each of their conventions.

 Many of the cosplays that came to this convention were extremely advanced in design, build quality and presentation. The only complication to arise was ECEEs fire safety policy. It was not made clear in advance or on location and caught a few cosplayers who were on stilts and those with large wing spans off guard, including ourselves as it also applied to our lighting rig. They did their best to accommodate both the attendees and the fire marshall, but were given little wiggle room. Below are a few of the photos we took, and the full album of Day 1, 2, and 3 can be found HERE

IMG_1241-Edit IMG_1430-Edit IMG_1471 IMG_1363-2-Edit IMG_1353-2-Edit IMG_1553 IMG_1599-Edit

August 27, 2014

Anime Revolution 2014

armoured princesses anime revolution

Alright this was my, Courtney, first year going to Anime Revolution and I must say I was super impressed by the space, by the organization and by the sheer numbers that were flocking in hour after hour.

armoured princesses anime revolution

First, the location gives itself to lots of area outside, around and inside for variety in terms of photos. It had nice tall hallway ceilings, beautiful walk ways outside and a park close by if you need to get away from crowds.  I loved it! Not to mention quite a few options for food close by.

IMG_0135 IMG_0212 IMG_0326 IMG_0272IMG_0462-Edit IMG_0659

I was able to get in nice and quick, and there is something to be said about the staff and how  incredibly polite and efficient they were. Did I mention the number of people?  It was great, I would estimate there was at least 10,000 people that attended, give or take a few. The flow of the entire convention was fluent and went with only a few hitches here and there, which is to be expected.

The cosplays were high quality this year, and though the presence of Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri as judges probably played a small part, it was great to see the talent in the Vancouver and surrounding areas really shine at this convention.  Here is just a taste of some of that talent and you can see the full galleries Day 1 and Day 2/3.

IMG_0236 IMG_0398 IMG_0428 IMG_0452-EditIMG_0230

I made it to the vending hall only briefly but it was jam packed with the best of the best in terms of geeky and anime related items. I also managed to enjoy the ’70s dating show’ panel hosted by Lifted Geek as well as the infamous bikini contest that has been ramping up popularity in the 19+ category.

An incredibly enjoyable weekend and I look forward to what next year’s talent will bring. Til next time!

July 2, 2014

NWFF 2014 Inaugural year


Jessie and I had the great privilege of being apart of the organizing/team for North West Fan Fest’s inaugural year and there was a lot going on for it and had a great turn out for their first year.

North West fan fest

Jessie was head of Media/interview coverage that covered everything from interviews with celebrities and guests to industry movers and shakers. Every day interviews were lined up, the room was cleared out and action was called. It was a busy weekend which was a bit of a downside as Jessie was so busy he wasn’t able to take as many photos as he usually would. Thankfully we had Britany catching up with lots of cosplayers that were roaming the halls and getting some great mini-sessions in.

I was brought on as one of the photographers (there was about 10 of us)  who covered different activities/panels/shows/planned photoshoots. I probably had the easier job by far! It was a bit last minute but I was able to also take the initial head shots of all the costume contest contestants, and wow were they amazing! You can see the contestants here. There are also albums for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3. We also had an amazing number of mini-sessions that we encourage you to go check out at our Facebook as well.

IMG_8045 sailor moon voice actors

The panels I attended were engaging, such as the Q&A with the cast and crew of Nightwing Prodigal, the director really did a great job keeping things rolling and had some great stories to tell of their adventure in making this mini series.

nightwing prodigal NWFF nightwing prodigal NWFF

I had said before the costume contest contestants were fantastic and I was able to watch the contest itself and was highly entertained by the MC and when the judges almost got hit by a spinning light saber!

IMG_9560 IMG_9563 IMG_9576 IMG_9581 IMG_9586

I loved how the vendors were open to everyone the entire weekend and it allowed for lots of passerby’s to enjoy some of the Con feel as well as get some GREAT geeky paraphernalia! I, myself, may have picked up a thing or two from these fantastic vendors. You were also able to watch and take part in a good debate from Geeks Vs Nerds! Hilarity always ensued!

We thank everyone for letting us  be apart of NWFF as well as taking photos with all those cosplayers! Hope we can do it all again in 2015.

May 23, 2014

Inara, Firefly inspired Studio Session

Inara Serra Firefly Undiscovered Photography

Last week I had an amazing photo session with Chrystal. We collaborated on costume/wig and together we did this Inara inspired shoot. I did the wig styling and make up and she provided the dress.

Here’s a little before and after so you can take in the full spectrum of transformation.

Inara Before/After Undiscovered Photography

Before/After Undiscovered Photography

It was really great to see Chrystal with this much hair again, and I say again because she had shaved her head a year ago April for Cancer. Many conversations have been had about how much she missed her long hair so I’m sure you can imagine how much fun we really had!

I definitely have a passion for melding glamour with geeky dress up or cosplay, to book your own session just contact me (Courtney) here!


May 17, 2014

Miss Sinister

Miss Sinister @ Sakuracon 2014 Motoko Kusanagi cosplay
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